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AlTerhab General Trading: Diversified trading since 2001

Alterhab General Trading LLC is a well-established and highly diversified general trading company located in the thriving world trade and logistics hub of Dubai, UAE. Since our establishment in 2001, we have been dedicated to conducting trading activities across a wide range of product lines. Our expertise includes publishing exhibition displays, electronic gadgets, advanced AI robots, outdoor and indoor marketing solutions, customized gifts, and promotional items of exceptional quality. We cater to corporates, individuals, awareness campaigns, industrial service providers, agencies, exhibitions, entertainment and service outlets, and serve as representatives for numerous manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, specifically in the Middle East and Africa.

At Alterhab General Trading LLC, we understand the importance of brand intricacies and target audience identification. We work closely with our clients to meticulously plan and coordinate the technical aspects of their advertising solutions. Through our unique presentations, we ensure that their presence creates a powerful impact in their respective markets.

Moreover, we specialize in the supply of enhanced IT equipment, construction materials, energy products, heavy machinery and spare parts, industrial raw materials, office equipment, and premium-grade agricultural products. Our commitment to excellence and extensive industry knowledge enable us to provide top-notch products and services to our valued clients.

Choose Alterhab General Trading LLC as your trusted trading partner and experience our unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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At our company, we are dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ specific sourcing needs across diverse markets spanning the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Our unwavering commitment lies in identifying and partnering with reputable suppliers and manufacturers renowned for their trustworthiness and high-quality products. By adhering to rigorous standards and leveraging our extensive network, we strive to deliver exceptional sourcing solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our mission is to establish lasting partnerships built on reliability, integrity, and superior product sourcing capabilities.


We take immense pride in our extensive experience of over 20 years, and we harness that expertise to continuously elevate the level of competence in the services we offer. We remain driven to surpass our past achievements, constantly striving to outdo ourselves.


Our company firmly believes that the scope of business extends beyond a single transaction. We are dedicated to establishing enduring partnerships and providing exceptional services to meet your ongoing needs throughout our collaborative journey. This principle has been instrumental in fostering strong connections in the locations where we operate. Over time, our business partnerships have transformed into cherished friendships, further reinforcing the depth of our relationships.


Dubai has emerged as a global hub for international trade, offering a vast array of products and services in diverse shapes and colors to meet every requirement. At our company, we have assembled a highly skilled and dynamic team that is fully committed to providing unwavering support to our valued clients. Furthermore, Africa has emerged as a promising frontier for global investment and trade, and we take pride in being one of the leading suppliers to key African markets.

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